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             abstract = "In a Technology Licensing Office (TLO), which deals with issues 
                         considered to be complex, decision-making is a relevant factor and 
                         should be aligned with the Scientific and Technological 
                         Institution (STI) institutional and innovation strategy. To meet 
                         this need, the objective of this work is to present a process 
                         model for the admission of technologies based on Intellectual 
                         Property (IP) to a TLO, as a way to subsidize the elaboration of 
                         strategies and the decision making regarding the processes of 
                         protection and commercialization Of technologies, and thus 
                         leverage the transfer of the technologies invented or developed by 
                         an STI to a receiving organization, and, finally, to promote 
                         innovation. The process is called Admit Technology and is 
                         comprised of sub-processes Search Technology, Receive Technology, 
                         and Analyze Technology. This developed organizational process is 
                         composed of activities and tools with capabilities to make TLO 
                         more proactive and dynamic, both to seek new technologies 
                         developed in the STI Research and Development (R\&D) units that 
                         can be appropriated through IP as well as to receive such 
                         technologies And to proceed with an in-depth analysis of its 
                         technical and commercial aspects and to indicate its main 
                         applications and markets where this technology should be protected 
                         and the marketing effort should be applied.",
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