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             abstract = "CubeSat attracted interest of international community with 
                         numerous studies being developed in some universities, schools or 
                         even space enthusiastic. Miniaturization of components and use of 
                         conventional electronics reduced costs with space projects, that 
                         previously restricted access to space to only a few nations at 
                         costs of several million dollars. So, governments and space 
                         agencies, especially in developing nations, has begun to invest in 
                         small satellite projects, because now they can have space missions 
                         at low cost. Thus, the National Institute for Space Research 
                         (INPE), in Brazil, has planning some CubeSat missions as an 
                         academic tool to spread the space technology across the country to 
                         universities and researches. One of the missions in development is 
                         the Nanosatellite Constellation for Environmental Data Collection 
                         (CONASAT). This project intends to launch at least two small 
                         satellites to replace the SCD1 and SCD2 satellites of the 
                         Brazilians environmental data collection system. The main 
                         objective of this paper is to propose state estimation technique, 
                         known as State-Dependent Riccati Equation (SDRE), together with a 
                         PID controller based on attitude error given by the Euler angle 
                         and axis for nominal mode attitude control of CONASAT. Simulations 
                         were performed using an open computational tool for attitude and 
                         orbit simulation.",
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