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             abstract = "Previous works have demonstrated that the technique of hyperbolic 
                         Lagrangian coherent structures is useful for analyzing the 
                         dynamics of velocity and magnetic fields in numerical simulations 
                         and satellite observations of astrophysical plasmas such as solar 
                         photospheric turbulence. An accurate detection of the boundary of 
                         coherent structures in velocity and magnetic fields of a plasma is 
                         fundamental for the study of astrophysical turbulence, for 
                         example, the determination of the front and rear boundary layers 
                         of magnetic flux ropes in the solar wind is essential for locating 
                         the preferential sites for the genesis of interplanetary 
                         intermittent turbulence. In this work we apply the approach of 
                         rotational Lagrangian coherent structures to detect kinematic 
                         vortices in 3D magnetohydrodynamic simulations of an astrophysical 
                         dynamo. The objective kinematic vortices are given by tubular 
                         level surfaces of the Lagrangian Averaged Vorticity Deviation 
                         (LAVD), the trajectory integral of the normed difference of the 
                         vorticity from its spatial mean. In addition, we adapt the LAVD 
                         technique to use it on magnetic fields and propose the method of 
                         Integrated Averaged Current Deviation (IACD) to determine 
                         precisely the boundary of magnetic vortices. The relevance of 
                         objective kinematic and magnetic vortices in solar plasmas is 
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