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             abstract = "The radiation block of the COSMO non-hydrostatic mesoscale model 
                         of the atmosphere and soil active layer was tested against a 
                         relatively new effective CLIRAD(FC05)-SW radiation model and 
                         radiative measurements at the Moscow State University 
                         Meteorological Observatory (MSU MO, 55.7N, 37.5E) using different 
                         aerosol datasets in cloudless conditions. We used the data of 
                         shortwave radiation components from the Kipp\&Zonen net 
                         radiometer CNR4. The model simulations were performed with the 
                         application of various aerosol climatologies including the new 
                         MACv2 climatology and the aerosol and water vapor dataset from 
                         CIMEL (AERONET) sun photometer measurements. The application of 
                         the new MACv2 climatology in the CLIRAD(FC05)-SW radiation model 
                         provides the annual average relative error of the total global 
                         radiation of -3% varying from 0.5% in May to -7.7% in December. 
                         The uncertainty of radiative calculations in the COSMO model 
                         according to preliminary estimates changes from 1.4% to 8.4%. 
                         against CLIRAD(FC05)-SW radiation model with the same parameters. 
                         We showed that in clear sky conditions the sensitivity of air 
                         temperature at 2 meters to shortwave net radiation changes is 
                         about 0.7-0.9C per100 W/m2 due to the application of aerosol 
                         climatologies over Moscow.",
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