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             abstract = "Test cases generation based on Finite State Machines (FSMs) has 
                         been addressed for quite some time. Model-based testing has drawn 
                         attention from researchers and practitioners as one of the 
                         approaches to support software verification and validation. 
                         Several test criteria have been proposed in the literature to 
                         generate test cases based on formal methods, such as FSM. However, 
                         there is still a lot to be done on this aspect in order to clearly 
                         direct a test designer to choose a test criterion most suitable to 
                         generate test cases for a certain application domain. This work 
                         presents a new test criterion for model-based test case generation 
                         based on FSM, H-Switch Cover. H-Switch Cover relies on the 
                         traditional Switch Cover test criterion, but H-Switch Cover uses 
                         new heuristics to improve its performance, for example, adoption 
                         of rules to optimize graph balancing and traverse the graph for 
                         test cases generation. We conducted an investigation of cost and 
                         efficiency of this new test criterion by comparing it with unique 
                         input/output and distinguishing sequence. We used two embedded 
                         software products (space application software products) and 
                         mutation analysis for assessing efficiency. In general, for the 
                         case studies proposed in this paper in terms of cost (amount of 
                         events) and efficiency (mutation score), H-Switch Cover test 
                         criterion presented an average and a standard deviation better 
                         than the other two test criteria.",
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