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                         on digital data from 1990 to 2015. Jovian decametric (DAM) 
                         emissions have been classified in Io and non emission types, and 
                         in the different sources (A, B, C, D). In this work, statistical 
                         analyses of these emissions are presented. Emission occurrence 
                         rate, duration, maximum frequency and polarization are analysed. 
                         Further, new emission types have been classified (Io-A, Io-B and 
                         non-Io-D). The results obtained with this new catalog can be used 
                         for a large number of studies of Jupiters magnetosphere, such as 
                         long-term variations, solar wind-Jupiter magnetosphere coupling, 
                         cooperative studies with spacecraft (e.g, Galileo, Cassini flyby, 
                         Juno) and other observations and models.",
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