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                         unambiguously the radio emissions resulting from the 
                         Ganymede-Jupiter interaction. The duration and power of the 189 
                         events detected suggest sporadic reconnection with an average 
                         radio power released in the Ganymede-Jupiter decameter emission 15 
                         times smaller than in the Io-Jupiter one. This compares well with 
                         the ratio of the magnetic power (Poynting flux) dissipated at the 
                         Ganymede-Jupiter and Io-Jupiter interactions, confirming the 
                         radio-magnetic Bodes law of Zarka et al. (2001), that serves as a 
                         basis for predicting exoplanetary radio emissions. Constraints 
                         imposed by the Ganymede-Jupiter radio emission on Jovian magnetic 
                         field models are also discussed.",
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