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             abstract = "In recent years, several missions have been proposed for asteroids 
                         and comets, such as: Aster, Dawn, MarcoPolo-R, NEAR Shoemaker and 
                         Rosetta. Considering that such bodies, due to its high 
                         eccentricity, may have the periapsis near the Sun and the apoapsis 
                         farthest, the influence of radiation pressure on the spacecrafts 
                         may become relevant. Also, with the wide range of asteroid-Sun 
                         distances covered during an orbital period, the dynamics becomes 
                         more complex. The idea here is to study orbital transfers, in the 
                         restricted three-body problem, considering the effects of the 
                         radiation pressure in the trajectory of a spacecraft in a 
                         bi-impulsive maneuver in an asteroid system. Transfers among the 
                         Lagrangian points and between the Lagrangian points and the 
                         asteroids are considered. The results show that the radiation 
                         pressure has a significant participation in the process, because 
                         the gravitational force in an asteroid system is smaller when 
                         compared with systems having larger bodies. In the case of an 
                         asteroid system, it is possible to find solutions with lower and 
                         higher fuel consumption by considering the initial position of the 
                         spacecraft when the maneuver begins. The figure 1 shows a previous 
                         result of this work for maneuvers around the double asteroid 
                         1996FG3. The effects of the solar radiation pressure in the 
                         trajectory of the spacecraft can be modulated by changing the 
                         area/mass of the spacecraft, so it is possible to increase those 
                         effects by adding large panels to the spacecraft, if it is 
                         interesting for the mission. The idea is not to use the radiation 
                         pressure as a control, but just to measure its effects when 
                         performing the bi-impulsive transfer.",
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