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             abstract = "The Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program - Science without 
                         Borders (SwB) - saw the concession of over 101 thousand 
                         scholarships for Brazilian STEM students and education 
                         professionals to attend universities worldwide. As the first phase 
                         of this program ends, it is time to take a first look at its 
                         impacts, mainly on the undergraduate student body (79% of total 
                         scholarships implemented). Benefits included a 6-month language 
                         course (optional), a one year undergraduate course and optional 2 
                         month internship in a university, government laboratory or 
                         technology company. Positive impacts have been seen on entrance 
                         into postgraduate programs (>20% of SwB students compared to <5% 
                         of the overall student body of similar fields), as well as high 
                         representation of lower income families (>50% from families with 
                         less than 6 minimum wages per month). The impact of the program 
                         will need to be evaluated over the next years, but innovation on 
                         the part of the students is already apparent. Any new SwB program 
                         needs to take into account the lessons learned from this first 
                         experience and therefore recommendations are presented.",
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