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             abstract = "In this paper, we present the design of a fully digital binary 
                         phase shift keying demodulator for application in satellite 
                         high-rate suppressed carrier telecommand system. The proposed 
                         system digitalizes the received signal in the intermediate 
                         frequency stage using bandpass sampling technique, and the 
                         resulting baseband signal is used to synchronization of symbol and 
                         phase and to bit detection. The design of all functional modules 
                         is presented in details. Another innovation presented in this work 
                         is the inclusion of a non-linearity in the phase synchronizer 
                         module to permit its operation independent from the signal 
                         amplitude. Moreover, aiming the characterization and performance 
                         evaluation of the system, we do some original mathematical 
                         analyses. Finally, test results show that the demodulator complies 
                         all the project requirements, and the prototype implementation 
                         loss, in terms of bit energy to noise power density ratio, is less 
                         than 0.3 dB.",
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