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             abstract = "We study the effects of disorder on the zero-temperature quantum 
                         phase transition of a honeycomb array of Josephson junctions with 
                         an average of f flux quantum per plaquette. Bond disorder due to 
                         spatial variations in the Josephson couplings and magnetic flux 
                         disorder due to variations in the plaquette areas are considered. 
                         Path integral MC simulations of the equivalent (2+1)D classical 
                         model are used. Bond disorder leads to a rounding of the 
                         first-order phase transition for f=1/3 to a continuous transition. 
                         For integer f, the decrease of the critical coupling parameter 
                         with flux disorder is significantly different from that of the the 
                         same model defined on a square lattice. The results are compared 
                         with recent experiments on nanohole thin films with geometrical 
                         disorder and external magnetic field.",
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