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                         ionosphere. We have used two parameters (fof2 and hmf2) during 
                         2001 in order to study the semidiurnal and diurnal lunar tide. The 
                         amplitude and phase of these oscillations were calculated using 
                         least square analysis. The diurnal tide presented a maximum 
                         amplitude of 0.25 MHz in Fof2 and 6 km in Hmf2. The phase was 
                         ranged between -1 and 1 rad. Both parameters presented a seasonal 
                         variation in phase and amplitude. For the Semidiunal lunar tide 
                         the maximum amplitude was 0.25 MHz in August for fof2, and 4.5 km 
                         for hmF2 in June. A semiannual variation was observed as well.",
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