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                         data over Brazilian sector is used to investigate two dimensional 
                         structure of geomagnetic conjugate Medium-Scale Travelling 
                         Ionospheric Disturbances (MSTIDs) mapping. We analyzed data taken 
                         from 60W to 45W and 20S to 0S for 4 geomagnetic quiet days of 
                         17, 18, 27 28 of December 2014 between 1217 UT. The propagation 
                         direction of the MSTIDs is equatorward/eastward at both 
                         hemispheres. It is believed that the source of the MSTIDs could be 
                         from either hemisphere (south or north) and mapped to the 
                         conjugate hemisphere. SAMI3 model is used to investigate the 
                         mechanism responsible for the daytime MSTID mapping. Our results 
                         show electric field involvement in the MSTIDs mapping to conjugate 
                         hemisphere. The model results show good agreement with the 
                         experiment results.",
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