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             abstract = "The onset and demise of the rainy season in Amazonia are assessed 
                         in this study using meteorological data from the GoAmazon 
                         experiment, with a focus on the 2014 2015 rainy season. In 
                         addition, global reanalyses are also used to identify changes in 
                         circulation leading to the establishment of the rainy season in 
                         the region. Our results show that the onset occurred in January 
                         2015, 23 pentads later than normal, and the rainy season during 
                         the austral summer of 2015 contained several periods with 
                         consecutive dry days in both Manacapuru and Manaus, which are not 
                         common for the wet season, and resulted in below-normal 
                         precipitation. The onset of the rainy season has been strongly 
                         associated with changes in large-scale weather conditions in the 
                         region due to the effect of the MaddenJulian Oscillation (MJO). 
                         Regional thermodynamic indices and the height of the boundary 
                         layer did not present a significant difference between the onset 
                         and demise of the wet season of 2015. This suggests that local 
                         changes, such as those in the regional thermodynamic 
                         characteristics, may not have influenced its onset. Thus, 
                         variability of the large-scale circulation was responsible for 
                         regional convection and rainfall changes in Amazonia during the 
                         austral summer of 20142015.",
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