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             abstract = "During the austral summer of 2014 and 2015, a severe drought 
                         occurred in southeastern Brazil at the same time when flooding 
                         conditions were registered in the state of Acre in the western 
                         Amazonia of Brazil. This study aimed the identification of the 
                         atmospheric and oceanic large-scale characteristics and regional 
                         features associated with these conditions, and verification of the 
                         Center of Weather Forecasting and Climate Studies/National 
                         Institute of Space Research (CPTEC/INPE) atmospheric global 
                         circulation model ability in reproducing the observed features. 
                         The state of Acre was chosen as a pilot area of the PULSE-Brazil 
                         project - a web platform tool that contains climate, ecological 
                         and health data for Brazil. The observational data and model 
                         results were analysed for the climatological period of 1981-2010. 
                         Correlation analyses between precipitation over west Amazon and 
                         atmospheric and oceanic variables indicated the main patterns in 
                         both data sets. Extreme wet and dry Januaries over west Amazon 
                         were selected to explore the regional and large-scale associated 
                         features. The general results of climate analyses indicated an 
                         opposite relation of precipitation between western Amazon and 
                         southeastern Brazil, in January, besides the typical precipitation 
                         dipole between the south Atlantic convergence zone and 
                         southeastern South America. This configuration is related to 
                         anomalous humidity flux at low levels and associated anomalous sea 
                         level pressure over southeastern South America induced by 
                         subsidence. The role of convection anomalies over the Pacific 
                         Ocean on South America anomalies is discussed. The wet and dry 
                         cases in Acre region display opposite atmospheric anomalies over 
                         South America that are linked to wavetrains over the Pacific 
                         Ocean, likely related to the opposite conditions of 
                         Indonesia-Pacific tropical convection. Similar patterns of the dry 
                         cases were observed during January of 2014 and 2015. The model 
                         reproduced some observed atmospheric patterns related to 
                         precipitation extremes and the results are discussed in terms of 
                         regional and large-scale climate variability.",
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