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             abstract = "A new deep H I survey of the galaxy Messier 33 is presented, based 
                         on observations obtained at the Dominion Radio Astrophysical 
                         Observatory. We observe a perturbed outer gas distribution and 
                         kinematics in M33, and confirm the disk warping as a significant 
                         twist of the major axis of the velocity field, although no strong 
                         tilt is measured, in agreement with previous work. Evidence for a 
                         new low-brightness H I component with anomalous velocity is 
                         reported. It harbors a large velocity scatter, as its kinematics 
                         both exceeds and lags the rotation of the disk, and leaks in the 
                         forbidden velocity zone of apparent counterrotation. The 
                         observations also reveal wide and multiple-peak H I profiles that 
                         can be partly explained by crowded orbits in the framework of the 
                         warp model. Asymmetric motions are identified in the velocity 
                         field as possible signatures of a lopsided potential and the warp. 
                         The mass distribution modeling of the hybrid H alpha-H I rotation 
                         curve favors a cuspy dark matter halo with a concentration in 
                         disagreement with the Lambda CDM dark halo mass-concentration 
                         relationship. The total mass enclosed in 23 kpc is 8 10(10) M 
                         circle dot, of which 11% are stars and gas. At the virial radius 
                         of the cuspy halo, the resulting total mass is 5 10(11) M circle 
                         dot, but with a baryonic mass fraction of only 2%. This strongly 
                         suggests a more realistic radius encompassing the total mass of 
                         M33 that is well smaller than the virial radius of the halo, 
                         possibly comparable to the size of the H I disk.",
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