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                         in the solar wind-Earth's magnetosphere interaction. It enables 
                         mass, momentum, and energy exchange between different plasma 
                         regimes, and it is regarded as an efficient plasma acceleration 
                         and heating mechanism. Reconnection has been observed to occur in 
                         laboratory plasmas, at planetary magnetospheres in our Solar 
                         System, and the Sun. In this work, we focus on analyzing the 
                         characteristics of magnetic reconnection at the Earth's 
                         magnetosphere according to spaceborne observations in the vicinity 
                         of our planet. Firstly, the locations where magnetic field 
                         reconnection are expected to occur within the vast magnetospheric 
                         region are addressed, and is shown how they are influenced by 
                         changes in the interplanetary magnetic field direction. The main 
                         magnetic field and plasma signatures of magnetic reconnection are 
                         discussed from both theoretical and observational points of view. 
                         Spacecraft observations of ion inertial length scale reconnection 
                         are also presented.",
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