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             abstract = "In this paper, we show the results of a controlled experiment 
                         aiming at assessing the benefits of usability improvements for 
                         software inspection methodologies that rely on Model Checking. 
                         This work has been carried out in the context of the SOLIMVA 3.0 
                         methodology which uses Model Checking to help in the inspection of 
                         software designs. A tool, XMITS, has been developed to support 
                         SOLIMVA 3.0. Thus, we compared the benefits in terms of cost 
                         mainly related to the Modeling activity of SOLIMVA, by using the 
                         new (3.0) and the previous (2.0) versions of XMITS. We considered 
                         20 sets of UML behavioral diagrams from two different space 
                         application systems and the ATM system. Results backed by 
                         statistical analysis show that XMITS 3.0 was better than XMITS 
                         2.0, helping to decrease the total time spent in the Modeling 
                         phase. This fact confirms that true usability improvements in 
                         software products can have a significant impact on processes such 
                         as inspection.",
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