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             abstract = "Visual Programming Languages have been widely used in the context 
                         of Model-Based Development, and they find a particular appeal for 
                         the design of satellite subsystems, such as the Attitude and Orbit 
                         Control Subsystem (AOCS) which is an extremely complex part of a 
                         spacecraft. The software testing community has been trying to 
                         ensure high quality products with as few defects as possible. 
                         Given that exhaustive generation and execution of software test 
                         cases are unfeasible in practice, one of the initiatives is to 
                         reduce the sets of test cases required to test a Software/System 
                         Under Test, while still maintaining the efficiency (ability to 
                         find product defects, code coverage). This paper presents a new 
                         methodology to generate test cases for Visual Programming Language 
                         models, aiming at minimizing the set of test cases/steps but 
                         maintaining efficiency. The approach, called specification 
                         Patterns, modified Condition/Decision coverage, and formal 
                         Verification to support Testing (PCDVT), combines the Modified 
                         Decision/Condition Coverage (MC/DC) criterion, Model Checking, 
                         specification patterns, and a minimization approach by identifying 
                         irreplaceable tests in a single method, taking advantage of the 
                         benefits of all these efforts in a unified strategy. Results 
                         showed that two instances of PCDVT presented a lower cost (smaller 
                         number of test steps) and, basically, the same efficiency (model 
                         coverage) if compared with a specialist ad hoc approach. We used 
                         the AOCS model of a Brazilian satellite in order to make the 
                         comparison between the methods.",
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