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                         and socioeconomic factors, we envision innovative policies and 
                         initiatives aiming to reconcile urban economic development with 
                         rural conservation and restoration projects. The Para{\'{\i}}ba 
                         Valley of S{\~a}o Paulo State represents an example of territory 
                         where the region's urban development has affected land use and 
                         land cover changes, rural production systems, economy, and 
                         population dynamics with effects on environmental conservation. 
                         Forest restoration projects, rural tourism, urban to rural 
                         migration, and demands of urban consumers for more sustainable 
                         food production are becoming important linkages of the Valley's 
                         coupled urban-rural system. In this study, we demonstrated how 
                         place-based policies and payment for ecosystem services may foster 
                         rural socioeconomic development allied with environmental 
                         conservation outcomes. The coupled ruralurban systems emerge as a 
                         strong concept to deal with the synergies and potential linkages 
                         among rural and urban areas, capable to promote more sustainable 
                         farming systems and improve ecosystem services.",
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