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             abstract = "In this paper, we follow the coupling from the solar wind to the 
                         Earths magnetotail, geosynchronous orbit, auroral zone and to the 
                         ground, during periods of Alfv{\'e}nic fluctuations in high-speed 
                         solar wind streams (HSSs) and their corotating interaction regions 
                         (CIRs). We employ crosswavelet analysis of magnetic field, 
                         particle flux and auroral electrojet (AE) index data for the HSSs 
                         of September and October 2003. Our results show a remarkably 
                         consistent periodic response among all of these regions and across 
                         multiple substorm indicators, indicating a possible driven 
                         substorm response of the global magnetosphere to the solar wind 
                         interplanetary structures. Across the seven intervals studied we 
                         find a range of periodic responses from 1.8 to 3.1 h, which is 
                         consistent with the 2.75 h peak of the Borovsky et al. (1993) 
                         statistical study of inter-substorm periods.",
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