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                         by normal and inverted vertical Bridgman methods are presented and 
                         the study of the solute alloy redistribution is made. The inverted 
                         vertical Bridgman method (IVB), where the solidification occurs 
                         from the top to the bottom of the melt under a destabilizing 
                         thermal gradient, allows the growth of crystals with 
                         buoyancy-driven convection different from that of the usual 
                         vertical Bridgman (VB) configuration. The scope of this work is to 
                         study the influence of the gravity in the convection process. The 
                         convection is smaller in samples solidified by VB, with more 
                         stable solute and density distribution profiles. In both methods 
                         the samples presented dendritic structures plus irregular eutectic 
                         structure along its length.",
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