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             abstract = "This work reports on effect of magnesium addition on the Ti6Si2B 
                         stability in Ti-xMg-22Si-11B (x = 2 and 6 at.-%) alloys prepared 
                         by high-energy ball milling and subsequent sintering. Ball milling 
                         was conducted under Ar atmosphere in stainless steel vials and 
                         balls, 300 rpm, and a ball-to-powder weight ratio of 10:1. 
                         Following, the powders milled for 10 h were axially compacted in 
                         order to obtain cylinder samples with 6 mm diameter. To obtain the 
                         equilibrium structures the green samples were sintered at 1100oC 
                         for 4 h under Ar atmosphere. X-ray diffraction, scanning electron 
                         microscopy and energy dispersive spectrometry were used to 
                         characterize the as-milled powders and sintered samples. Extended 
                         Ti solid solution were found in the Ti-2Mg-22Si-11B and 
                         Ti-7-Mg-Si-B powders milled for 20 min and 60 min, respectively, 
                         whereas an amorphous halo was produced on Ti-2Mg-22Si-11B powders 
                         milled for 420 min. The increase of Mg amount in the starting 
                         powder mixture has inhibited the Ti6Si2B formation in the 
                         mechanically alloyed and sintered Ti-7Mg-22Si-11B alloy.",
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