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             abstract = "Litterfall is one of the most important pathways through which 
                         nutrients are recycled in the terrestrial biosphere. In tropical 
                         soils, which are generally low in essential nutrients such as 
                         phosphorus and cations, the flux of nutrients through litterfall 
                         is particularly important to sustaining CO2-uptake capacity; 
                         however, questions remain over the role of altitude in altering 
                         litter nutrient cycling rates among tropical forest ecosystems. 
                         Here we examine litterfall, carbon (C), nitrogen (N) and 
                         phosphorus (P) fluxes through litterfall over an altitudinal 
                         gradient in the coastal Atlantic Forest located on the northern 
                         coast of the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Litterfall was collected 
                         twice a month for 1 y (April 2007March 2008) using 30 litter traps 
                         placed in four different forest types arrayed by altitude coastal 
                         forest (sea level), lowland forest (50200 m asl), submontane 
                         forest (300500 m asl) and montane forest (1000 m asl). Litterfall 
                         mass-fluxes decreased with increasing altitude, from 9 Mg 
                         ha\−1 in lowland forests to 7 Mg ha\−1 in 
                         higher-altitude ecosystems. Contribution of reproductive organs to 
                         litterfall was significantly greater in lower than in higher 
                         altitudes. Litterfall N and P fluxes were higher in the lowland 
                         forest vs. other forest types, pointing to strong altitudinal 
                         controls over nutrient cycling. Furthermore, nitrogen-use 
                         efficiency (NUE) was lower and litter \δ15N was higher in 
                         the lowland site providing additional evidence for lack of N 
                         constraints to productivity in lowland of the south-eastern 
                         Atlantic Forest.",
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