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                         transducers designed to enhance the Mario Schenberg gravitational 
                         wave detector sensitivity. The transducer is composed of a 
                         microwave re-entrant cavity that attaches to the gravitational 
                         wave antenna via a rigid spring. It functions as a three-mode 
                         mass-spring system; motion of the spherical antenna couples to a 
                         50 \μm thick membrane, which converts its mechanical motion 
                         into a frequency shift of the cavity resonance. Through the 
                         optical spring effect, the microwave transducer 
                         frequency-displacement sensitivity was measured to be 726 MHz 
                         \μm-1 at 4 K. The spherical antenna detection sensitivity is 
                         determined analytically using the transducer amplification gain 
                         and equivalent displacement noise in the test setup, which are 5.5 
                          1011 V m-1 and 1.8  1019 m \√Hz-1, respectively.",
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