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             abstract = "The Io Plasma Torus (IPT) is a doughnut-shaped structure of 
                         charged particles, composed mainly of sulfur and oxygen ions. The 
                         main source of the IPT is the moon Io, the most volcanically 
                         active object in the Solar System. Io is the innermost of the 
                         Galilean moons of Jupiter, the main source of the magnetospheric 
                         plasma and responsible for injecting nearly 1 ton/s of ions into 
                         Jupiters magnetosphere. In this work ground-based observations of 
                         the [SII] 6731 \˚A emission lines are observed, obtained at 
                         the MacMath-Pierce Solar Telescope. The results shown here were 
                         obtained in late 1997 and occurred shortly after a period of 
                         important eruptions observed by the Galileo mission (1996-2003). 
                         Several outbursts were observed and periods of intense volcanic 
                         activity are important to correlate with periods of brightness 
                         enhancements observed at the IPT. The time of response between an 
                         eruption and enhancement at IPT is still not well understood.",
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