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             abstract = "This work aims to show the behavior of radar absorbing materials 
                         (RAM) based on magnetic metallic additives with different aspect 
                         ratios. For this, two materials, carbonyl iron, constituted of 
                         spherical iron particles, and carbon-steel filaments were used. 
                         These additives were characterized considering their morphological 
                         and structural features. X-ray diffraction analysis shows that the 
                         two additives have the same crystallographic structure, but their 
                         morphologies are quite different in micrometer scale. Epoxy 
                         resin/metallic additive composites using the neat additives and 
                         their mixtures were prepared. The electromagnetic characterization 
                         of the composites evaluated the permittivity, permeability and 
                         reflectivity behaviors in the frequency range of 8.2-12.4 GHz. The 
                         results show that the samples obtained with the mixture of the two 
                         additives resulted in composites with high complex parameters of 
                         permittivity and permeability. Better RAM performance is observed 
                         for samples based on metallic filaments and for more concentrated 
                         mixtures containing the two additives (values up to -14 dB or 
                         similar to 96% of attenuation). The influence of 
                         specimen-thickness on the RAM performance is also observed.",
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