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             abstract = "The present paper studies the effects of the radiation pressure in 
                         the trajectories of a spacecraft in transfers between the 
                         collinear Lagrange points of a double asteroid system. The system 
                         considered is this paper is formed by the double asteroid 
                         1996FG(3) and the maneuvers are always assumed to be bi-impulsive. 
                         In a system formed by asteroids, the solar radiation pressure has 
                         a significant influence in the transfers paths. This occurs 
                         because the gravitational forces in these systems are smaller if 
                         compared with systems formed by larger bodies. Solutions with 
                         lower and higher fuel consumption can be found by adding the solar 
                         radiation pressure. The radiation pressure was not used as a 
                         control but its effects over the transfers were measured. For a 
                         small system of primaries such as an asteroid system, it is very 
                         important to take into account this force to make sure that the 
                         spacecraft will reach the desired point.",
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