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             abstract = "An understanding of variations in morphophysiological leaf traits 
                         of plant models in dry tropical forests is essential for 
                         quantifying C fluxes from forest ecosystems in response to climate 
                         changes. The present study evaluated the influences of seasonal 
                         rainfall and different light conditions on the gas exchange, 
                         nutrients, organic compounds and morphological traits in Croton 
                         blanchetianus Baill. trees within a fragment of Caatinga forest. 
                         Stomatal conductance (gs) and net photosynthesis (PN) demonstrated 
                         variations within the diurnal cycle, with maximum values at 
                         approximately midday and minimum values at predawn. The PN and the 
                         diurnal integrated CO2 assimilation were lower during the dry 
                         season than in the rainy season. Water use efficiency was 
                         positively correlated with PN (r\ =\ 0.73) during 
                         the dry season only. However, the correlation between PN and gs 
                         was observed during the rainy season only 
                         (r\ =\ 0.60). Thus we demonstrated that C. 
                         blanchetianus has a remarkable ability to adapt to global climatic 
                         changes and could be considered a model in studies exploring water 
                         relationships in woody plants; consequently, this species may be 
                         important in future reforestation studies.",
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