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                         secondary studies in Software Engineering (SE), however, there is 
                         a lack of studies discussing the distinction between Systematic 
                         Mappings (SMs) and Systematic Literature Reviews (SLRs). Aims: The 
                         objective of this paper is to present the results of a tertiary 
                         study conducted to collect and evaluate evidence to better 
                         understand similarities and differences between SLRs and SMs 
                         related to four aspects: Research question, search string, search 
                         strategy and quality assessment. Method: We identified 170 
                         secondary studies that were reviewed to answer a set of Research 
                         Questions (RQ) related to the practical conduction of secondary 
                         studies in SE. Results: Results show that both SLRs and SMs have 
                         generic RQs, broad search strings, and adopt automatic search as 
                         search strategy. However, quality assessment has been more widely 
                         adopted in SLRs. Conclusions: In practice, only the quality 
                         assessment is conducted differently in SLRs and SMs.",
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