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             abstract = "A very important topic in modern astrodynamics is the removal of 
                         satellites from their orbits, after the end of their missions. In 
                         this work, we propose the use of the solar radiation pressure to 
                         change the orbital energy of a satellite, to remove it from the 
                         operational region to a graveyard orbit. A mechanism for changing 
                         the area-to-mass ratio of the satellite and/or its reflectivity 
                         coefficient is used to accomplish this task. We derive an 
                         analytical model to find the maximum eccentricity achieved during 
                         the removal trajectory, for different initial conditions for the 
                         argument of perigee and the longitude of the ascending node. After 
                         that, the best trajectories, i.e., trajectories with low 
                         eccentricity, are integrated using a numerical model. These low 
                         eccentricity trajectories are important because satellites with 
                         disposal orbits with low eccentricity pose a lower risk of 
                         crossing the operational region during the de-orbiting.",
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