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             abstract = "Regarding practical applications of L3 of the Sun-Earth system, 
                         there are few studies with the goal of placing a spacecraft at 
                         this point, or in orbit around it. One of the main problems in 
                         placing a spacecraft near this equilibrium point is the fact that 
                         it is located behind the Sun with respect to the Earth. The Sun 
                         would be blocking direct communication between the spacecraft and 
                         the Earth. The present research gives several options to solve 
                         this problem by using a solar sail to place one or two spacecraft 
                         above and/or below the Ecliptic plane. This sail could also be 
                         used for the mission itself, to collect energy or particles. By 
                         using an adequate size, location and attitude of the solar sail, 
                         the equilibrium point can be moved from its original location to 
                         allow communications between the spacecraft and the Earth. A 
                         preliminary study of a solar sail that uses this strategy is shown 
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