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                         convection of an electrically conducting fluid is studied 
                         numerically by fixing the Prandtl number at P=0.3 and varying the 
                         Rayleigh number (Ra) as a control parameter. A recently reported 
                         route to hyperchaos involving quasiperiodic regimes, crises and 
                         chaotic intermittent attractors is followed, and the critical 
                         magnetic Prandtl number (Pmc) for dynamo action is determined as a 
                         function of Ra. A mechanism for the onset of intermittency in the 
                         magnetic energy is described, the most beneficial convective 
                         regimes for dynamo action in this transition to weak turbulence 
                         are identified, and the impact of intermittency on the dependence 
                         of Pmc on Ra is discussed.",
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