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                         surrounding the neutron stars, in the z-direction, deforms plasma 
                         particle rings in ellipses, alternating axes periodically along 
                         the direction of the magnetic field (x-axis) and of the y-axis. 
                         The uniform field leads to a modulation of the magnetic field, 
                         which results in magnetic pressure gradients (magneto-acoustic 
                         mode) or in the shear of the magnetic field lines (Alfv´en mode). 
                         The gravitational wave drives MHD modes and transfers energy to 
                         the plasma, can become an important alternative process for the 
                         acceleration of baryons to high Lorentz factors observed in short 
                         GRBs. The total amount of energy that is transferred from the 
                         gravitational wave to the plasma is estimated (' 1040J - 1041 J), 
                         with \γ ' 102 . We compare our results with previously 
                         obtained results by other works.",
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