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             abstract = "Academics and industry have sought after combining the exceptional 
                         properties of diamonds with the toughness of steel. Since the 
                         early 1990s several partial solutions have been found but chemical 
                         vapor deposition (CVD) diamond deposition on steel substrate 
                         continues to be a persistent problem. The main drawbacks are the 
                         high carbon diffusion from gas phase into substrate, the 
                         transition metals on the material surface that catalyze sp2 bond 
                         formation, instead of sp3 bonds, and the high thermal expansion 
                         coefficient (TEC) mismatch between diamond and steels. An 
                         intermediate layer has been found necessary to increase diamond 
                         adhesion. Literature has proposed many efficient intermediate 
                         layers as a diffusion barrier for both, carbon and iron, but most 
                         intermediate layers shown have not solved TEC mismatch. In this 
                         review, we briefly discuss the solutions that exclusively work as 
                         diffusion barrier and discuss in a broader way the ones that also 
                         solve, or may potentially solve, the TEC mismatch problem. We 
                         examine some multilayers, the iron borides, the chromium carbides, 
                         and vanadium carbides. We go through the most relevant results of 
                         the last two and a half decades, including recent advances in our 
                         group. Vanadium carbide looks promising since it has shown 
                         excellent diffusion barrier properties, its TEC is intermediary 
                         between diamond and steel and, it has been thickened to manage 
                         thermal stress relief. We also review a new deposition technique 
                         to set up intermediate layers: laser cladding. It is promising 
                         because of its versatility in mixing different materials and 
                         fusing and/or sintering them on a steel surface. We conclude by 
                         remarking on new perspectives.",
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