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                         tele-connections in climate systems and to predict severe climate 
                         events. Here we construct regional climate networks from 
                         precipitation data in the Amazonian region and focus on network 
                         properties under the recent drought events in 2005 and 2010. Both 
                         the networks of the entire Amazon region and the extreme networks 
                         resulted from locations severely affected by drought events 
                         suggest that network characteristics show slight difference 
                         between the two drought events. Based on network degrees of 
                         extreme drought events and that without drought conditions, we 
                         identify regions of interest that are correlated to longer 
                         expected drought period length. Moreover, we show that the spatial 
                         correlation length to the regions of interest decayed much faster 
                         in 2010 than in 2005, which is because of the dual roles played by 
                         both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The results suggest that hub 
                         nodes in the regional climate network of Amazonia have fewer 
                         long-range connections when more severe drought conditions 
                         appeared in 2010 than that in 2005.",
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