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             abstract = "Studies related to Celestial Mechanics started long ago, and it is 
                         one of the oldest fields in Astronomy. It started to try to 
                         explain the motions of the stars in the sky, in particular the 
                         irregular motion of some of those of then, which were really the 
                         planets of the Solar System. In the 20th century, with the arrival 
                         of the {"}Space Age{"}, many applications related to the motion of 
                         artificial spacecrafts appeared. This new field was called 
                         {"}Astrodynamics{"}, to designate the use of Celestial Mechanics 
                         in man-made objects. Several aspects, like orbit determination, 
                         maneuvers to change the orbit of the spacecraft, etc., are covered 
                         by this topic. The present Focus Issue in Celestial Mechanics 
                         publishes a list of papers in topics related to applications in 
                         Celestial Mechanics to both situations: natural and artificial 
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