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             abstract = "This work aims to describe the dynamics of small spacecraft around 
                         a binary system comprised by the irregular bodies Haumea and 
                         Namaka. The dynamics of Haumea and Namaka is assumed as a full two 
                         body problem, considering the inclination of Namaka. The equations 
                         of motion of the spacecraft are written incorporating the 
                         information coming from this model and also considering the 
                         eccentricity of Namaka's orbit, resulting in the {"}Elliptic 
                         Restricted Full Three Body Problem{"}. We found regions of 
                         interest in the system, formed by periodic and quasi-periodic 
                         orbits. The integral of the acceleration technique is used to 
                         compare the classical {"}Elliptic Restricted Three Body Problem{"} 
                         with the Full problem, to find regions where the two models have 
                         minimum differences.",
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