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             abstract = "With advances in information technology for health and wellness, 
                         Smart Home-based solution providers using Internet of Things (IoT) 
                         technologies, have increased in importance and become accepted as 
                         an alternative means of saving energy when based on Home Energy 
                         Management Systems (HEMS). This paper defines a modern 
                         architecture (SmartCoM), which is implemented to monitor and 
                         manage residential dwellings by using IoT technologies. This 
                         involves setting out the parameters that can make interoperability 
                         possible between measurement and management , and the layers of 
                         data communication, which are the features necessary for the 
                         hardware required for monitoring and measurement. In addition, an 
                         interface is defined by a middleware layer to integrate the 
                         management of external installations and the visualization of data 
                         by means of a cloud service. The SmartCoM end-to-end architecture 
                         is defined in detail from the standpoint of the consumer and 
                         optimization strategies are employed for both the end customer and 
                         the utility. The main advantages of using SmartCoM were confirmed 
                         by the numerical results obtained from the proposed architecture. 
                         This paper ends by showing the current position of SmartCoM as 
                         well as suggesting further stages for this line of research.",
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