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             abstract = "The asteroid 2001SN263 is one of the possible targets of a 
                         proposed mission that would be the first Brazilian exploration in 
                         deep space, the Aster Mission. This asteroid is composed by three 
                         bodies: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, in decreasing order of mass. For 
                         this study, it is proposed to split this triple system in two 
                         double systems: Alpha-Beta-spacecraft and Alpha-Gammaspacecraft, 
                         all of them considered to be points of mass, such that it is 
                         possible to use the circular planar restricted three-body problem 
                         as the mathematical model. The goal is to find orbits that can be 
                         used by a spacecraft to observe the bodies Beta and Gamma. Each 
                         orbit can be identified by the initial conditions of the 
                         spacecraft with respect to Beta or Gamma: position and velocity. 
                         These orbits are classified by the minimum average distance 
                         spacecraft-celestial body. The results showed stable orbits around 
                         Beta and Gamma, with an average distance below 1.5 km, under the 
                         influence of the gravity of Alpha and the solar radiation 
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