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             abstract = "Amazonia-1 is the first Remote Sensing Satellite entirely 
                         developed at Brazil by National Institute for Space Research 
                         (INPE) and it is expected to be concluded in 2018. Amazonia-1 is a 
                         polar orbit satellite that will generate images with a 5 days 
                         revisit period. To do this, has a wide sight optical imager, 
                         called Wide Field Imager (WFI), able to observe a range of 700 km 
                         with 70 meters of spatial resolution. Its rapid revisit feature 
                         will enable Amazon deforestation alert data to improve in real 
                         time by maximizing the acquisition of useful images in the face of 
                         cloud cover in the region. The Amazonia-1 will also provide 
                         frequent images of Brazilian areas, and may be useful in other 
                         environmental monitoring applications, such as the coastal zone, 
                         water reservoirs, forests of other biomes and natural disasters. 
                         The Amazonia-1 satellite is based on the Multi-Mission Platform 
                         (MMP), which was also developed by INPE and other Brazilian 
                         industries as a part of the National Program of Space Activities 
                         (PNAE), coordinated by the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB). The MMP 
                         is generic platform to 500 kg class satellites. With 250 kg mass, 
                         it provides the necessary resources, in terms of power, control, 
                         communication and others to operate, in orbit, a payload of up to 
                         280 kg. The requirement of high rate of revisits and the need of 
                         controlling and data reception of other remote sensing satellites 
                         available in Brazil, for example, the CBERS (26 days to revisit) 
                         impose new challenges for the ground segment, related to control 
                         system of orbit and attitude and consequently in the reception, 
                         processing and distribution of data through the ground segment 
                         using the Space Link Extension (SLE) Protocol Services. The SLE 
                         protocol services establish activities, based on the Consultative 
                         Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) for cross support 
                         recommendations, including Management Services for Data Transfer 
                         and SLE protocol services related to Telemetry and Telecommand. 
                         These services standards have been adopted by the different space 
                         agencies, such as: ESA, NASA, CNES, DLR, ASI, JAXA, INPE, to 
                         performing tracking and controlling of the spacecrafts. This paper 
                         presents an overview of the Amazonia-1 satellites ground segment, 
                         its objectives, the satellite design based in the Multi-Mission 
                         Platform (MMP) and also the preparation of the ground segment for 
                         the operation with the SLE Protocol and allow for efficient 
                         operations with cross support.",
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