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             abstract = "Context: concept Maps (CMs) enable the creation of a schematic 
                         representation of a domain knowledge. For this reason, CMs have 
                         been applied in different research areas, including Computer 
                         Science. Objective: the objective of this paper is to present the 
                         results of a systematic mapping study conducted to collect and 
                         evaluate existing research on CMs initiatives in Computer Science. 
                         Method: the mapping study was performed by searching five 
                         electronic databases. We also performed backward snowballing and 
                         manual search to find publications of researchers and research 
                         groups that accomplished these studies. Results: from the mapping 
                         study, we identified 108 studies addressing CMs initiatives in 
                         different subareas of Computer Science that were reviewed to 
                         extract relevant information to answer a set of research 
                         questions. The mapping shows an increasing interest in the topic 
                         in recent years and it has been extensively investigated due to 
                         support in teaching and learning. Conclusions: based on our 
                         results we conclude that the use of CMs as an educational tool has 
                         been widely accepted in Computer Science.",
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