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             abstract = "The Chilean arid, semi-arid and sub-humid zone presents serious 
                         problems associated with desertification processes. The region is 
                         characterized by a precipitation concentrated in a few months, 
                         with long dry periods during the year, and a high climatic 
                         variability, associated mainly to the {"}El Niņo, Southern 
                         Oscillation{"} phenomenon 3 . Due to this variability, there are 
                         very dry and wet years, favoring the water erosion in the area. In 
                         addition, the region has been historically over exploited by 
                         different human activities, such as mining, agriculture and 
                         livestock. In northern and central Chile, the climate may have 
                         different roles in accelerating desertification. First by the 
                         tendency to decreasing rainfall during the 20th century and in the 
                         early 21st century, second by the increase in rainfall variability 
                         and the intensity, increasing its erosive effect.. Besides this, 
                         climate projections indicate a more aggressive climate in the 
                         future, contributing to the soils and ecosystems degradation 6 . 
                         The main objective of this work is to seek a better understanding 
                         of the desertification processes associated with pasture in 
                         different dry regions of Chile, and to investigate possible 
                         changes in these mechanisms under future climate projections.",
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