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             abstract = "This work aimed to identify possible changes in climatic variables 
                         in a region of agricultural frontier in the transition between the 
                         Savannah-Amazon biomes, where forests were replaced by extensive 
                         agricultural areas. Recent episodes of drought and extremes rains 
                         in this region have represented large economic losses for 
                         agricultural producers. Therefore, some questions arose, guiding 
                         this research: The recent climatic instability can be related to 
                         the intense in the land use and land cover changes through which 
                         the region experienced? Can older producers feel any change in the 
                         weather from earlier or more recent times? How do producers 
                         understand this instability in the climate? How do local 
                         institutions such as the Secretariats of Agriculture and 
                         Environment and producer associations address the issues about 
                         climate change? In response to these questions, we hope that this 
                         work will contribute to the discussion about the necessity to 
                         bring relevant scientific information to society in a more 
                         accessible way, contributing to improve the level of awareness 
                         about climate change by actors directly linked to agriculture, 
                         aiming that perceive themselves inside in this system as the agent 
                         causative and agent impacted by the changes in the local 
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