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                         satellites in a way that every half-orbital period this set groups 
                         together while flying in formation. The formation is calculated 
                         analyzing the problem from a geometrical perspective and disposed 
                         by precisely adjusting the orbital parameters of each satellite. 
                         The dynamic modelling considers the orbital motion equations. The 
                         results are analyzed, compared and discussed. A detection 
                         algorithm is used as flag to signal the regular tetrahedrons exact 
                         moments of occurrence. To do so, the volume calculated during the 
                         simulation is compared to the real volume, based on the initial 
                         conditions of the exact moment of formation and respecting a 
                         tolerance. This tolerance value is stablished arbitrarily 
                         depending on the mission and the formations geometrical 
                         parameters. The simulations will run on a computational 
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