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             abstract = "The KoppenTrewartha (KT) classification is used to investigate the 
                         biomes change in the future climate over South America (SA). For 
                         the middle (20352060) and end (20752100) of the 21st century mean 
                         ensemble of Regional Climate Model version 4 simulations for the 
                         Representative Concentration Pathway 8.5 scenario are presented. 
                         The global-coupled models of Coupled Model Intercomparison Project 
                         Phase 5 drive the members for the period 19702100 using different 
                         physics configurations. The delta change approach is applied to 
                         filter out the bias of the model simulation. Notable changes of 
                         the KT climates are found in SA, mainly in Brazil. Replacement of 
                         tropical wet-dry (Aw) by dry semiarid (Bs) occurs over Northeast 
                         Brazil (NEB). Reduction of tropical humid (Ar) and an increase of 
                         Aw is projected in the North Brazil and Amazon. Retreat of 
                         subtropical humid (Cr) replaced by Aw is found in the Southeast 
                         Brazil. An increase of subtropical winter-dry (Cw) and decrease Cr 
                         is noted in Argentina and in Paraguay Cr is replaced by Ar. In the 
                         south of SA, a retreat of subarctic oceanic (Eo) and an increase 
                         of temperate oceanic (Do) and dry arid (Bw) occur. In general, the 
                         projected changes of KT climate types in the 21st century over SA 
                         show a tendency for a drier climate.",
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