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             abstract = "In order to reduce costs on the ground segment for small 
                         satellites projects, Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology is 
                         advantageous as it reduces the amount of hardware components while 
                         adapting for different modulation schemes, link budget 
                         requirements while supporting different satellites. This work 
                         briefly presents this proposal and discusses some of the issues it 
                         entails. The SDR technology uses a processor, a special receiver 
                         and software that plays the main parts of the receiver (mixer, 
                         filters, amplifiers, modulators, demodulators, etc.) to listen to 
                         radio, television and almost all transmission modes, whether 
                         digital or analog. A first trial with this configuration was 
                         implemented to receive signals sent from a Brazilian picosatellite 
                         named Tancredo-1 and obtain the engineering value of the 
                         telemetries sent by the same. For this purpose, specific software 
                         was developed, named UbaTM - Decoder for obtaining the raw value 
                         of each of the telemetries, perform the operations necessary for 
                         the conversion to engineering value and present them friendly on a 
                         screen to the user. A series of support software packages is 
                         presented so that one can pipeline various operations, which can 
                         lead to ground stations automation.",
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