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             abstract = "Remote sensing allows for the continuous and repetitive 
                         measurement of rainfall values. Satellite rainfall products such 
                         as Tropical Rainfall Measurement Mission (TRMM) 3B42 and the 
                         Hydroestimator (Hydroe) can be potential sources of data for 
                         hydrologic applications, mainly in areas with irregular and sparse 
                         spatial distributions of traditional rain gauge stations. However, 
                         the accuracy of these satellite rainfall products over different 
                         spatial and temporal scales is unknown. In this study, we examined 
                         the potential of the TRMM 3B42 and Hydroe rainfall products to 
                         provide reliable rainfall estimates for a mountainous watershed in 
                         a humid subtropical climate region of Brazil. The purpose was to 
                         develop useful guidelines for future hydrologic studies on the 
                         potential and uncertainties of the rainfall products at different 
                         spatial and temporal resolutions. We compared the satellite 
                         products to reference rainfall data collected at 11 rain gauge 
                         stations irregularly distributed in the area. The results showed 
                         different levels of accuracy for each temporal scale evaluated. 
                         TRMM 3B42 performed better at the daily, monthly, and seasonal 
                         scales than Hydroe, while Hydroe presented a better correlation at 
                         the annual scale. In general, TRMM 3B42 overestimated the rainfall 
                         over the watershed at all evaluated temporal scales, whereas 
                         Hydroe underestimated it except for JuneAugust at the seasonal 
                         scale. An evaluation based on contingency tables indicated that 
                         TRM 3B42 was better able to represent the local rainfall than 
                         Hydroe. The findings of this study indicate that satellite 
                         rainfall products are better suited for applications at the 
                         monthly and annual scales rather than the daily scale.",
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