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             abstract = "This contribution studied Pd based catalysts supported on graphene 
                         derivatives (reduced graphite oxide and CeO2-rGO hybrid), 
                         synthesized under hydrothermal conditions, evaluating the thermal 
                         stability and interactions metalsupport. XRD of 1Pd/rGO and 
                         1Pd/5Ce/rGO showed diffraction lines corresponding to Pd0 , 
                         suggesting an intimate contact between Pd and rGO. The Pd0 
                         presence after synthesis is unusual in catalysts prepared by 
                         conventional methodologies. The behavior described here can be 
                         attributed to a strong interaction between Pd and oxygenated 
                         groups of graphite oxide (precursor) under hydrothermal synthesis. 
                         In contrast, XRD pattern and Raman Spectrum of 1Pd/5Ce/rGO denote 
                         CeO2 has segregated over the support without appreciable 
                         interaction. Concerning to the thermal stability, both samples rGO 
                         and 1Pd/rGO presented high thermal resistance (> 500C) while upon 
                         Ce addition the temperature of degradation decreased drastically 
                         (~320C). Raman Spectroscopy of rGO based sample showed the 
                         hydrothermal treatment lead to defects presence which is 
                         beneficial for catalysis purposes.",
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