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             abstract = "To search for new technologies and to map new scientific and 
                         technological developments capable of significantly influencing a 
                         scientific and technological institution, is the main role of 
                         technological prospecting. Technological prospecting can be a 
                         useful tool for the provision of subsidies to finance R\&D 
                         activities. In this context, using technological prospecting 
                         techniques in a Technology License Office is relevant to leverage 
                         R\&D\&I activities in an institution. Thus, the purpose of this 
                         task is to present a proposal for the application of technological 
                         prospection tools to a Technology License Office, to support 
                         R\&D\&I activities. This task was conducted through 
                         bibliographic research and observation of activities. After the 
                         studies, it was verified that for technological prospection, 
                         different methods should be used, since prospecting technology 
                         requires systemic vision, through monitoring, forecasting and 
                         future vision, guiding the decision making relevant to the 
                         positioning of R\&D teams in conducting their research.",
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